Hello, I am Calista. Many call me “Cali” or “Cal”. Nice to meet you.


I am a certified psychotherapist, trained in Jungian psychology, Person-centered counselling, Trauma, Attachment, Relationships and Intimacy.  I was a spiritual guide and medicine woman for more than 10 years. Even though I am passionate about psychology, the human predicament and helping others become the best versions of themselves, I am fundamentally an artist. I am a creative soul, who is in love with life, love, intimacy and nature. I connect with my truth and true self whenever I submit to the substance of the art (whatever that form might be). 


Having gone through extremely challenging childhood and life experiences, I empathise with those of you who feel haunted by your past. I have experimented with and looked for many different ways to free myself from pain.


And you know what?


I honestly have not cracked it. Pain in inevitable. Suffering is optional. There is a current stereotype that we “heal through pain” and that we “learn through our suffering”. It sounds daunting doesn’t it? I wonder if we can heal peacefully…


I am here today to inspire a new approach: integrative healing through creative expression and self-awareness.


I believe that everything we need to know resides in ourselves. Sometimes, we just need to bypass our internal defences and explore our intuitive wisdom. Art and Creativity are great ways to unlock our personal wisdom. Words can help anchor our experience into our Now.


Sessions with me include a unique blend of reflective discussion and creativity. This fosters self-awareness, mindfulness, personal growth, intuitive healing, integration and wisdom. I believe in the whole person and hold safe, intimate spaces for that wholeness to be seen, affirmed, expressed and validated.


Let’s stop fixing. Let’s stop pushing. Let’s stop forcing. Let’s allow and simply BE.


If this resonates, I am here to serve.


  •    MSc Counselling Psychology
  •    MA Drama and Movement Therapy
  •    BA Psychology with Minor in Management
  •    LLB Law
  •    Play Therapy Training: Innovative Interventions to Meet the Needs of Young Clients
  •    Feeding Your Demons © Certified Buddhist Facilitator
  •    Jungian Psychology (Diploma)
  •    Jungian Theory and Practice (Diploma)
  •    Attachment Theory: The Science & Art of Attachment-informed Psychotherapy (Diploma)
  •    Depth Psychology: The Psychology of the Unconscious (Diploma)
  •    Person-centered Counselling and Psychotherapy
  •    Coaching for Self-Leadership ~ Internal Family Systems ©
  •    Trauma Awareness for Practitioners
  •    Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice
  •    Akashic Records – Levels 1, 2 & 3; Certified Teacher
  •    Innerdance facilitator
  •    200 hour YTT – Yoga Alliance
  •    Cacao Ceremonial Facilitator
  •    Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2
  •    Transformational Breathwork Level 1

Have Questions?

Please connect with me. I am always open to answering all questions and discussing how we can best meet your needs toegther.

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