“I recall working with Calista on one of my dramatherapy training placements. It was a school with two students living with autism and learning needs.


My time with Calista was one of true reverence and growth. As co facilitators, we shared an unspoken intimacy, which bled into the dynamics of clients, and she worked with care and intuition.


I observed her work with one particular client who at a time lay his head on her lap and expressed the freedom she offered him to be his authentic self. It was as if a maternal archetype was in the room to contain and hold an anxious teenager.


Overall, I reflect on Calista’s ability to take charge in a session and demonstrate leadership through the process and journey of a therapeutic session. She ensured that the unconscious material was kept sacred as she honoured everyone’s needs.


I highly recommend working with Calista to encounter self growth and a path of enlightenment through healing and recovery.




“I was lucky enough to have the privilege to experience Calista’s “Self-actualising play” session when she first created this service and brought it to Hong Kong.


I went into this session with no big life questions in mind, no problems to be solved, but I knew that I was safe to have fun and explore because Calista would be there with me, guiding every step of the way. In the process, Calista gave me lots of space to play and imagine, paired with a lot of prompting questions, that allowed my imagination to roam free. It was through Calista’s questioning skills and intuitive guidance, that sparked my mind to feed me stories and answers instantaneously, and allowed the story of my subconscious world to unfold.


Through this beautiful experience, I was able to hear the hurt and pain from my divine masculine’s energy within me. He was always driven, determined, diligent, but also disappointed that he hasn’t found what he was looking for. I was also able to experience the gentleness of my divine feminine’s energy. She’s nurturing, trusting, and made me realize the power of soft strength. Most importantly, through the joy of playing, I was able to see my vision, my dream, my wishes come to life, from seeds of thoughts that bloomed and manifested right before my eyes, and made me believe that my dreams really can come true.


For anyone who is curious to jump into the rabbit hole, and discover all the answers that have always been sitting within, I recommend experiencing this session with Calista. Remember to have fun and enjoy!



Curious Soul

“I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a self-discovery workshop that utilized the most unexpected and fascinating approach – toys. This workshop opened up a world of self-reflection and understanding like no other. We were given the freedom to choose any toys from a vast selection, and from there, we embarked on a journey of storytelling that was nothing short of transformative.


What struck me the most was the subtlety of the guided questions. Rather than leading us to specific answers, they encouraged us to explore and express ourselves more authentically. The stories that emerged from our chosen toys revealed facets of our consciousness and subconsciousness that we might have never uncovered otherwise.


As the workshop progressed, I experienced a profound revelation. It became abundantly clear that the answers to our life’s challenges and dilemmas were always within us; we just needed the right tools and guidance to unearth them.


I would recommend this workshop for anyone who is seeking a fresh perspective on self-discovery. It’s an extraordinary journey through the world of toys that ultimately leads you back to the most valuable treasure of all – the wisdom within yourself.



Toy Collector

“I’m glad to have chance to participate in the Dramatherapy workshop which enable me to discovery another side of myself through play. It’s a fun , inspiring and enlightening 3 hours journey facilitated by Cali who are keen in building an encouraging environment for share the joy in the city. This is a workshop I would really recommend to attain if you want to discover the your underlying creation power to open upcoming possibilities in life.”




“It was my first time joining Cali’s Dramatherapy workshop and it’s a great experience. I love the vibe and it was relaxing to interact with other participants although we have never met before. If you’re looking for a peaceful moment to find your inner self, this is the one for you!”



“一開始Cali 叫我選擇代表我的動物,我已對自己有一個加深的認識,為何選這個,對自己的評價,然後不斷發展,對自己人生的選擇愈來愈清晰。 後來轉化時,其實是經歷了你還想繼續嗎? 這個位是需要自己捨得放手 想用新方法的旅程,你可以選擇不變繼續舊模式,還是勇於向前行。 Cali 在這旅程中都給予自由彈性,讓我們允許所有可能性,同時也會引導,看見新的可能性。整個旅程也感到安全與陪伴,不會有我必需做而我不願意的感覺,同時就是這種力量,讓我看到自己的選擇。



“I have seen Calista grow from being an Akashic Records Consultant back in 2014 to a teacher of the Akashic Records today.


I have learnt from several different teachers who teach the Akashic Records. Calista is one of them, who I have learnt from and receive readings from. Calista is very experienced in working with the Akashic Records having done hundreds (maybe thousand) of readings and taught hundred over students. Calista is constantly tapping into the Akashic Records to better evolve their interactions. Each time I meet her, I am impressed by how there is always a new insight from her on the Akashic Records or how to better work with them.


Calista is constantly working on raising her own levels of consciousness and is one who walks the talk. As a teacher of the Akashic Records, her teachings cater to the needs and energy of the group and as such, it is never the same. Because she is very knowledgeable, she is able to share and present concepts based on your needs of growth and development. She is like the walking library of the Akashic Records! Calista is a clear channel, able to tap into the many dimensions of the Akashic Records that not many other consultants are able to and thus will be able to provide a lot more insights in a reading.


As a fellow teacher of the Akashic Records myself, if you feel called to work with her and are reading this, I highly recommend you learn or get a reading from her!”



Founder of The Ark, Singapore

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant

“Calista is an angel. This is what I am convinced after the two Akashic Records session we had. In these sessions, she was my soulmate who happened to know me more than my best friends who I grew up with. She was the messenger who brought guidance and wisdom from the divine that I had been searching for years. She was also the most caring and comforting voice that I would ever encounter in my life. If you are somehow reading this, please do yourself a favor and schedule a session with her, you’ll be truly amazed regardless of your religious or spiritual background.


The first session was nothing short of extraordinary. From what I learned it usually includes an introduction that provides you a good glimpse of the background history of your soul. You will be shocked by the resemblance of the trace of your soul s characters she describes with those you now possess in your current life.


While the introduction is great and intriguing, you will find the most useful answers and advices to the most important questions in your life during the Q&A section. You could instantly feel that Calista is an incredibly talented and experienced spiritual guide who works extremely well together with the masters in delivering point blank insights to your queries that cover all areas such as your soul purpose, relationship, career, health, etc.


Rather than calling it a Q&A session, it is actually an open and back and forth discussion in which, with her exceptional communication skills and patience, she is able to break down the most complex questions or life situations into much needed advices and wisdom with the depths that put you in awe. As difficult as it is to comprehend that feeling, you will realize the words she speaks are always of your highest good and they are the ultimate truth from within and above you. All that are conveyed to you in plain and simple language that you can easily understand.


The sessions are recorded for you to revisit, and very often it takes several listens to grasp all the important messages that Calista and the masters intended for you. In the process you will also realize the cohesiveness and consistency of the messages are just another most remarkable aspects in the experience, this even holds true in the case of multiple sessions you have in months apart.


In concluding, I would like to thank Calista for being a cheat code (or a beacon) in my life. If you are like me, who have been feeling stuck in life situations, or have trouble developing a belief system that serves yourself well due to all the conflicting ideas in your mind, a spiritual experience with Calista may very well be the key you need to clear the doubts that stop you from living life in the fullest form.




“I last had a session with Cali when I found myself facing a difficult problem, the information I received from her was mind-blowing in both it’s relevance, content and clarity. Without explaining myself she jumped right into the heart of the issue meeting me where I was stuck. Her connection with her guides is very clear, and combined with Cali’s intelligence and eloquence it made for a very insightful reading that was to the point and well explained. Any questions I had were answered clearly and succinctly, and I was never left confused by ambiguous language (which some readings of this nature can fall into). Cali was kind, joyous and a pleasure to communicate with throughout our process, and she was happy to go out of her way to help me even after our session. In a nutshell I was extremely impressed with her work and I would go back to her if I wanted more readings like this. “




“A humble and sincere facilitator and healer who always sending love and light around the world. I love your gentle but strong energy in my personal shamanic AR session.Also, I was so grateful for being able to participate in your first retreat in collaboration with Alfa and Rihann, that’s one of precious memories in my life. Thank you for always opening the door for me. Thank you my beloved sister.”




“For the past three years I have been going through significant changes in my life. The sessions with Calista enabled me to gain clarity of my path through insights into my past & surroundings. Her readings also helped me find positivity and humility, as well as the courage to go beyond my limits. I highly recommend Calista to anyone who is searching for answers in their life or would like to learn more about themselves. “



Recruitment Consultant

“Cali session is always a humble and fruitful one. She is a very good and honest person with kind heart. If you ever had Cali session or class, you know she put 100 percent of this attention in it. The passion and love towards life , its more than just a normal session you can find outside. You get more than you can expect , and it’s from inside of your heart. What I love Cali the most is she enables you to be who you are. To be yourself, and understands the universe. Cali has given me many life changing experience and I hope it’s a time for you too. “




“Calista’s energy is infectiously positive and uplifting. Came into her workshop not really sure what to expect, it was one of the most introspective and profound experiences I’ve ever had. I am so grateful for the time I’ve got to spend with her. Her unconditional love for all people and things is inspiring, not to mention the skills I’ve learned from her to navigate my mind deeply. Thank you so much for all your contributions to the world. “



Digital Nomad

“I had two session with Calista which was wonderful. She was intuitive and very helpful. I believe she is the real deal and I was able to connect with my mother who had passed away. Doing a second session with her answered a lot of questions I had and I would do another one with her. “



Retired Military

“I’m very happy with my session even though it was a video call . Very nice energy, positive atmosphere, message was delivered gentle and with care.”



Film Producer & Performer

“Thank you for making me realize things I have not known about myself and ways of overcoming it. It was a great self realization experience.”




“I had an Akashic records reading with Calista recently. I was open to the experience and happy to get whatever guidance was meant to come to me on the day. Calista was professional and friendly. The reading resonated with me a lot and was very helpful and detailed. Some parts validated thoughts I had been having recently. And other parts reflected on my actions and choices. Calista didn’t know anything about me or my life before we met. She is truly talented and generous and I recommend her to anyone. “




Energy Healing Practitioner & Teacher

“Calista drives her session with empathy, respect, love. Centered, aligned, she is working in full integrity and also with joy. I am more than happy to have worked with her! She is spreading light and conscious awareness!”




“Great moments. Thanks for giving me a lot of skill and it is meaningful for me to get more message from our spirit. You are the good teacher for me and having the beautiful soul. Thanks again. “



Assistant Sport Program Officer

“I am not a gal of many words, so this is going to be short and sweet… Calista offers her services with lots of love and the client’s best interest at heart. The information given was always helpful and provided lots of insights….and words! LoL I wish her all the best. Lots of love to you and may your work keep shining as it has been so far. ❤️ “



Spiritual Coach

“It was a life changing experience for me to have met Calista. 🙏 Before having my first akashic reading, I felt as if I did not have much connection with the universe, and all the info I had on spirituality was only knowledge I stumbled upon when I read up online. It was only through this process, I felt that I have embarked on a spiritual journey, I was able to discover myself better, and even more importantly, to feel that I am truly connected and loved by the universe. All the questions I had regardless of my current life or my journey as a soul, Calista was able to provide solutions to target them. I am truly grateful to have this fruitful discovery, and can’t imagine my journey starting in any other way. Calista is one of the sweetest souls, and I am truly blessed to have met her and for her to bring me the messages, love, energy, and strength to continue to enjoy my exploration. With lots of love & light, Janet ♥️ xoxo “



Curious Soul

“Calista is fantastic, her ability to read Akashic Records so clearly and translate the guidance she receives is really helpful. I learned much more about my life in one call with her than I did with a few psychics and mediums – she goes right to the source of knowledge 🙂 “



Financial Engineer

“I had my Akashic Records read by Cali and did my level 1+2 AR course with her, she has brought me lots of joy as a teacher and now as a friend, reminding me the importance of passion, self love and having faith in one self. She is full of creativity and gave me hope at my lowest with reassurance of clear messages channelled from the masters. Now, even being at different parts of the world she continues to offer me support and wisdom whenever I reach out. I highly recommend those who are curious and seeking for answers in life to have their records read by Cali. Love & light x “



Soul Seeker

“Cali is my first and only Akashic record reader since 2017. Listed each of my encounter in chronical order below. 2017/2 first Akashic record reading, didn’t know much about the Akashic Records, but the “connecting with one’s higher self” was intriguing, totally my thing, we are our own gods.


Pleasant to see Cali. She made my day, I smiled the whole time during the reading.


Some door was open to me. 2017/5 second AR reading, my life was filled with uncertainties, reached out for some guidance and it continued to be a bliss and I so looked forward to seeing Cali.


The way she delivered words from my higher spirits was soothing, well, or say, listening to myself was great! And we met somewhere outdoor in the evening, was blessed with jasmine aroma, angels were around us : ) 2018/2 third AR reading, broken up with an ex. Life was flipped 180. Sought Cali’s help, I didn’t have much to ask because the break up ws so painful. But she helped me to pull myself up from the low. A wolf was breaking loose of the shackle!


Grateful for 2018/6 fourth AR reading, sought Cali’s help for life purpose. Life was rough, still. 2018/10 fifth AR, a couple’s reading just to confirm that I met my twin. She noticed my changes and attested to all of my hard works on self love.


With all that said, Cali and her service hold a special place in my heart. Genuinely grateful for crossing paths with her.”



Founder of Alchemy of Rituals & Wholistic Dietician

“The session with Calista is amazing! Coming from a non-spiritual and rather rational background, Calista opened a whole new world to me through Akashic Record, it allows me to understand certain things i experience in life in a completely different perspective. What is amazing is that Calista answered all the questions I have in mind without asking, she showed me how powerful and magical the universe is. After meeting Calista for the Akashic Record session, i was thrilled! So i joined the Shamanism workshop with Calista to continue this spiritual journey. I am very grateful to have met Calista, thank you universe for bringing her to me! “




“Calista is a beautiful gentle teacher, whenever we in practice to meet the difficulty, she always can give us the opinion guidance different direction, and gives us confidence in the unceasing encouragement, we study under a happy environment, simultaneously obtains benefits a great deal.”



Horticultural Therapist

“Calista’s session was phenomenal! She intuitively knew all the relevant information about me. The information she gathered from my Akashic Records was epic and really helpful for my evolution. I asked questions about my career and personal life. She patiently answered all my questions and even ones I had post session. The information about my soul and past lives was extraordinary. Calista becomes knowledgable and an expert on anything durning the session, through downloading the information from the lords of the records. She genuinely cares about you as a person and your expansion. I highly recommend booking a session! “



Transformational Healer & Coach

“Calista is an amazing being, radiating her light to everyone with grace. I have been with her in her individual Akashic records reading sessions and group workshop. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy and wealth of knowledge. How she treats everyone with great respect and attention makes me admiring her more. Keep shining love. <3 “



E-RYT 500Yoga teacher, MPH, JD, IFPA

“The most beautiful story I’ve ever heard about my life! I really enjoyed how Calista can pin point important factors affecting my life and transform it to a beautiful literature. Your session was one of the best gift I’ve given to myself. Thank you very much Calista “




“I had the pleasure of attending Calista’s “THE INNER JOURNEY” Shamanic and Akashic Record Workshop in October 2019.


Her excitement and welcoming energy made for a great foundation for us as students to build our potential upon. Her custom made supplemental materials were richly illustrated and intuitively written in clear terms with enlightening historical and philosophical incites. Her lectures are well-springs of seasoned and experienced information based on her years of searching, seeking, study, practice, and her personal anecdotes helping to heal others.


She instructed us to do practical hand-on demonstrations with each other that brought our mood and progress to an elevated level. Her nurturing guidance provided a safe and empowering forum and playground to explore our internal powers and paths.


Should you have the good fortune to work directly with Calista, go for it! Having the privilege of her personal tutelage unlocked a spirit I’m not sure could be accessed otherwise. I’m very grateful for her help with my growth, gratitude, and the tools she was generous enough to share with us.”



Reiki & Yoga Teacher

“After harmonious session I had very secure feeling of what I did , doing and will do. Good feeling to be getting light or at least hint for my unknown part of life to make it clear. I really appreciate of her reading. I highly recommend to people. She is gooooood. Love “




“Cali has been been doing session for me for 3 to 4 years now. I have not seen a more gifted and talented person.


Not only did she do many Akashic records readings for me, but I have gifted her sessions to many of my family members and friends. And they have all benefited from her sessions tremendously. The ease with which she does your reading is hard to believe. She is extremely down to earth. I always to go her with a set of questions. And even before I get to my questions, her initial download literally (without exaggeration) answers all of them. I have found myself dumbfounded numerous times because of the same reason. Her readings are extremely accurate.


My heart fills with so much gratitude to have made acquaintance with Cali. Thank you Cali! I hope you continue to grow in your gifts and help everyone. You are a true blessing to humanity.”



Past life regressions therapist (QHHT practitioner)

“I felt ‘peace and calm” during session, like talking to an old friend. After session, I realised “no wonder I was/am xxxxxxxxxx”.


Even years now, the sessions did help me to be more aware of oneself, understand more my presence, have the courage to change and believe in oneself. Just make me take my life less serious and have fun!


The sessions did serve like motivations on and off to keep me going.




“I felt a great connection to the other side through Calista. I have struggled most of my life with a fear of there being ‘nothing’ on the other side and it was comforting and uplifting to feel the connection.




“I did 2 Akashic Records with Calista , both quite different, the first one with a lot of insights that surprised me, like out of the blue but I came to recognize them along the way, especially two strong new orientations that have contributed much in my life in terms of well being and following my destiny, finding balance and harmony.


The second session with Calista was as if she was presenting me all the questions and stakes I was wondering about, and she was giving some hints, some potential ways to approach these stakes.


Overall I strongly recommend Calista to anybody who wishes to get insights, ideas, or potential IRRI tâtions to her / his life. These sessions are privileged moments to me to take a step back, have an extra pair of eyes and consciousness with us, to confirm or question the choices we make. And most important: Calista knows how to manage the relation, stays totally non-judgemental , humble and candid which gives to the moment some kind of magic and good feeling.


Enjoy ! ;))



Social Entrepreneur

“I loved your warm loving approach, the first session was beyond my expectations, I found so much peace and love and harmony and relief from my grief . My life completely changed after, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or because of the blessings I received . I’m forever grateful for both sessions we did “



Ayurvedic Coach & Yoga Teacher

“Everything felt very accurate. Gave me great insight on the next decisions for life direction in my life. I was warned about a future financial situation that was correct as well.”




“The session with Calista was interesting and gave me new perspective on some of the issues I was struggling with. I liked that her recommendations were still down to hearth and practical. I feel that Calista helped me to identify some of my “blind spots” and that I have more insight to address them.



Aid Worker

“Calista did a fantastic job explaining the process and guiding me. I was able to relax and just receive the information with an open heart and mind. I am very thankful for her services and have grown personally and spiritually thanks to her guidance. 




“Enjoy the channeled message right from the get-go. Most of the time, questions I brought into the session, if any, would be addressed by then. The rest would be me asking the “how”. Usually there had been a lot revealed, so notes were always taken and reviewed from time to time, to check my healing progress. Cali blended all kinds of healing, beyond Akashic Record, which opened my door to Shamanic soul journey. Love it when the healer speaks to your heart. Need not to look around anymore. Blessed to have met such great healer who’s constantly evolving in her own journey.”




“My first session was the most divine timing imaginable. A few weeks after my dad passed. I felt so safe to explore this Akashic wisdom with you and everything you brought forward felt and always does feel like a divine remembering. It always feels like a coming home. So many of the relationship and familial dynamics in this life made perfect sense and and this clarity alone is priceless. I now understand my life, my purpose, my gifts and experiences on a deeper level. I leave every season feeling so seen, warm and held. Thank you.



Health Coach & Model

“My greatest experience was during my first reading with Calista. She helped begin my path of spiritual self awareness and enable me to have a better understanding of my purpose. I now have a deeper understanding of people that appear in my life and treasure each interaction with greater intensity. Thank you Calista for helping me grow and be a better version of myself 🙂


Health Cafe Operator

I have had multiple sessions with Calista over the course of 9 months. In working with her specifically to understand my AKASHA, and therefore myself better, I have had tremendous Self-Awareness about my purpose and gifts, as well as what still needed to be shed. Every reading was packed with dimensions of Wisdom, Truth and Reflections to sit with afterward. I cannot be more grateful for the web of light workers that I am a part of, that led me to Calista.



MD Healing, Creative, Consciousness Catalyst

“It’s my pleasure that I’ve met you cause the session you held had inspired me a lot and some of my spiritual part had been awaken. I can feel the things you taught us are fully from your heart that makes the session different from others. We are so thankful with that and please let us know if you will come to HK again, we miss you☺️



Brand Designer

“I had 2 Akashic Records sessions with Calista. I first started doing this out of curiosity, I’m still very much curious about spirituality practices in general but my best takeaway was the feeling of positivity after every session.



Digital Marketer

“I feeling really lucky to meet Cali, from the time she opened my doors, I can feel, to see, to listen all around the message and guides coming to me👼🏼👼🏼




“Calista was recommended by several friends within a short period of time. I was having problems at work at that time and was opened to any advice, suggestion, direction, etc. After we did a short meditation together, Calista asked me if I had done certain things in my life which she had no way of finding it out! I was happily surprised from that moment onwards. She gave me a glimpse of my “past”, and some very constructive advice on how things I could have done differently to create a better future for myself. I highly recommend having a session with Calista if you really need to get inspired and confidence boost.




“I had an amazing, powerful experience. Got so much of inspiration and positive energy, definitely changed my life for better.





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